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three or more Character Traits of Profitable Students in High School

If you are an00 student in high school, you can shout out "popularity" as being the key, but popularity is absolutely not a character trait. It is activities like a position you enjoy because a great number of people like you. You might in that case suggest that "choleric temperament" results in success, but that name describes a trait of style, not a character trait.

Identity traits are distinctive traits showing the presence of true identity - and what is identity?

In Character, Hamilton states that, "Character is a consciously formulated inner firmness that spreads throughout the fiber of a man, causing him or her to use firmly the energy of target high moral values into the actions of everyday life. "1

Character traits of profitable students in high school sourced from a supply of high moralista values. A student has as well as lacks those depending on informed work. Others do not press character upon you when they do popularity. Nor do you really come into this world with a tendency in the direction of character, as you often have with personality. You will get character traits only by consistent, daily work at identity building.

Three Character Attributes

Choosing three character attributes of successful students with high school immediately raises a matter. Why should we not pick out seven character traits? Might be we should choose a dozen attributes. How can we stop having only three character attributes? We stop with several because we consider these most significant to success in graduating high school and beyond.

1 . Will yields success-oriented behavior. Profitable students increase success after they employ courage to make attitudinal choices. Courage, motivated by means of convictions, makes conscious possibilities to do right, no matter what results await. Courage causes profitable students in high school to help rebuff peer pressure. The result of that may be rejection by the "in" group, but courage takes that. High schoolers having courage refuse, for example , often the late nights, alcohol, using tobacco, and illegal substances this deplete physical and mental strength. Many people consciously accept the estimated consequence of other teens' mockery. Courage makes them turn down cheating on homework or checks in the face of consequences of cheaper grades. Courage demands condition - all that they do emanates from the same cloth.

2 . Like yields success-oriented relationships. Learners in high school increase achievements when they understand that authentic like consists of doing what is a person the one who is the object of their love - even on personal sacrifice. The character quality of authentic love compels students to consider the needs connected with others above personal desires. They give teachers and other classes personnel the respect owing their positions. They admiration other students, learning from their store and helping them gain also. They defer to help others when positions worth focusing on present themselves, willing to let other individuals have first place. While enduring normal feelings for the other  they avoid (with true love) the mistake of lust that would get attention from scholastic hobbies. Their exercise at home with the character trait love continues life running more well toward success.

3. Liability yields success-oriented employment. Profitable students in high school training responsibility toward the work whereby they are employed - academic work. They pay in close proximity attention in class, and make sure many people know exactly what teachers be expecting in every course of study. They be realistic to fulfill every one of those dues. They refuse to rely on other individuals for reminders of these people should do, choosing instead to produce reminders for themselves. They do the job to the peak of their power on every obligation, regardless of the commitment required. They check advance along the way to stay on track when it comes to the goals. They certainly not make excuses when they neglect of a goal, but do the consequences in stride, reviving itself their efforts to make on with the misstep. They use even their leisure time sewa stroller, necessarily, to complete obligations well.


As a high school teacher in addition to principal, I would choose people three from the list of 66 character traits. Successful learners in high schools include built and continue to make many character traits in their lives, but they usually present high degrees of courage, like, and responsibility. The collaboration goes with them into profitable adulthood.

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